Flat out there is no way Al Horford should have made the All-star team. I dare anyone to put forth a decent argument for him deserving the all-star nod. There were al least three or four players easily more deserving than him. Josh Smith (ATL), David Lee (NYK), Stephen Jackson (CHA), and even Ray Allen in my opinon (hes been the only consistent for the Celts, other than Rondo of course).

I understand that he was chosen above some of the forwards like Josh Smith because he was selected at the centre position. But even so his stats are nothing compared to David Lee. And some people may say well New York has a losing record while Atlanta has a winning one. Well although records should be a part of the assesment, it should also matter whether the player was actually one of the main contributors and reasons for that teams success. Which frankly Al Horford at 13.4pts and 9.4rbs and not really a known defender is not the biggest contributor.

Im not trying to bash him, he is a good player who will almost certainly be an All-star in the future but for now there are players more deserving.

My East All-star reserves would have been:

F- Chris Bosh, F- Gerald Wallace, G – Joe Johnson, G – Rajon Rondo, C – David Lee, F – Josh Smith, G – Derrick Rose