Out of all the trades that occurred on the day and a few days prior to the NBA trade deadline this year, the team that might prevail as the most successful is the New York Knicks.

I’m not saying this simply because T-Mac had a great first night at MSG, but actually because of Sergio Rodriguez. T-Mac, although he has fallen off quite a bit because of injuries, is still one of the most talented players in the league. However with his injuries and inconsistency who knows how much theyl actually get out of him. Hopefully alot, as I am a fan.

Rogriguez however is piece that might end up doing wonders for the Knicks. He is an exciting point, who can score and pass (very well), but needs to be set free. He has been restricted in the past by play-time and slower offenses. Where other teams perhaps had more talented or younger point guards they wanted to develop and didn’t want to risk it with a wild Sergio, the Knicks may very well do so. They do not have a very good point guard. Chris Duhon is a solid player but having had the starter position for a couple of years now, he hasn’t really produced much and isn’t improving either. 7.1 ppg and 6 apg in 33 mpg is not exactly production.

Besides the fact that the Knicks have no depth at the point, Sergio would fit in with a fast paced, Dantoni system perfectly. He is a very talented passer and creative when allowed freedom to play. Where is there more freedom than in Dantoni’s offense (well maybe the ridiculous 4 guard Warriors but thats another story).

It might end up as nothing, but Sergio may very well be the dark horse that will tell us who the real winner of this year’s trade deadline was.