Every year seems like its going to be the best. Every year there are series that intrigue, and seemingly more so than th year before. That’s just the beauty of the NBA playoffs. No matter who’s in, regardless of whether your team made it or not, you get excited. Provided your a basketball fan of course.

That being said out of that same excitement I had to write a blog on the playoffs. Here are my picks and opinion on each series…

First to get rid my picks for NBA season awards:

MVP: Lebron. Best team, best stats. And if you took him away from the Cavs they would suffer as much and in many cases more than any other team without their star.

Defensive player: Dwight Howard. The most dominant big man in the game today- but because of his defense. People love skilled players, and the skills noticed the most are the offensive. The reason he is continuously underrated. D12 is in my opinion an MVP candidate for his defense alone.

6th man: Jamal Crawford. One of my favorite players in the league. His numbers, and the improvement of the Hawks from last season sums this argument up.

Coach of the year: To be honest I don’t think any average viewer can make any educated opinion on who should win COY because we don’t really see what they do. So with that said, my uneducated pick would be probably Jerry Sloan or Scott Skiles. Reason being that Jerry has had good playoff teams year in and year out and never gets recognition. And this year more so than any other of recent, his team is considered a contender. Skiles, on the other hand has done most with the least this season. Has brought together a fairly young Bucks team from one of the worst last year to a playoff team this year. And he has done it with key injuries all year long (Redd, Bogut).

Rookie of the year: Stephen Curry. I like all three (Jennings, Evans, and Curry) and if either won I wouldn’t disagree. I pick Curry here by a slight edge because of his game type. He has improved and his stats have almost caught up to Evans. But more importantly he seems to control the game and run his team like an experienced veteran. While Evans and Jennings have raw skill and physical ability that Curry somewhat lacks, they make rookie mistakes and achieve their statistic averages with less control and efficiency. Curry controls the tempo and takes much better shots than both. And he distributes the ball better than both. I love both Evans and Jennings and they may very well end up being better than Curry in the future, but Curry seems like a seasoned vet already.



(Cavs vs Bulls- 4-0) – (Magic vs Bobcats- 4-2) – (Hawks vs Bucks- 4-1) – (Celtics vs Heat- 4-2)


(Lakers vs Thunder- 4-3) – (Mavs vs Spurs- 4-2) – (Suns vs Blazers- 4-2) – (Nuggets vs Jazz- 3-4)

To sum it up- its gonna be nuts, especially in the wild west. The best series in the East will be Heat Celtics, and Bobcats Magic might surprise. While in the west almost anything can happen, I call the Jazz with the only upset (seeding wise) and the Thunder to take the Lakers to 7!!! I realize the Blazers will be without Roy but I think they have enough fight and good coaching to steal a game or two from the Suns.

My finals prediction is Lakers vs Cavs. Cavs in 6