Everyone seems to have an opinion on where the superstars of the biggest free agent class in the history of the NBA are going, as they should. It’s the most exciting offseason I’ve witnessed as an NBA fan. So hers my quick shpeal on LBJ and a couple of the other superstars.

Lebron James: I believe that he wants to play in New York and has wanted to for a while for a number of reasons. The city and all its attractions, and the fact that his legacy as one of the greatest players the league has seen can be built-in the mecca of basketball. The fact that D’antoni always seems relaxed and confident that the Knicks will “be fine” this free agency sort of makes me think that perhaps he knows something. On top of that Lebron has been reported speeking with Eddy Curry. Supposedly they talked about Curry’s career and what he expects and sees in the future. A phone call that would make sense for Lebron considering Curry is one of only a few players actually on the Knicks roster this offseason. In my eyes this is Lebron doing research and really wanting to play for the Knicks. The one thing keeping him from being sure of it and perhaps choosing another city is the fact that the Knicks may not be ready to compete for a championship like other teams. Their roster is nowhere near ready at this point, which makes me think there is a correlation between that last barrier for Lebron, and him inquiring into Eddy Curry’s future plans and career. If he gets Curry on board, a center that has always had potential to be a force inside, along with Galinari, and Chandler, plus another A-list free agent or at least a couple of B-list players it may be enough for Lebron. Then again it may not. Point being Lebron wants to play in New York, but their lack of talent at this point may be the deciding factor.

Dwayne Wade: Wants to stay in Miami and probably will because Miami has the cap and the city to entice one other free agent at least. Perhaps Amare and someone else.

Chris Bosh: I actually think this is a 60/40 considering he doesn’t want to be a secondary player if he doesn’t have to. He may stay in T.O if Collangelo can make a couple of good moves. I give a slight edge to leaving however. Likely destination will be Chicago. I don’t think the Bulls will be able to get Lebron or D-Wade, leaving Bosh, the third best player of the class and a guy that would fit well with the Bulls roster and still allow Rose to be the leader.

Joe Johnson: Almost guaranteed he will leave with so many teams clearing cap and considering most will not be able to get any of the top-tier guys. Plus he clearly doesn’t like ATL. Possible destinations are too many to consider.

No matter what happens, as an NBA fan, I’m pumped.