A friend of mine recently asked this question to a group of us as a result of the recent World Cup blunders. Should FIFA, and perhaps soccer in general institute some kind of instant replay? Here is my response:

I say yeah. People say it would change the game too much. I personally think the game needs change. Granted I’m not the biggest soccer enthusiast and don’t watch it allll the time but from an outsiders perspective the game has little to no integrity.

Certain players are a joke at times and have no pride, flopping every little chance they get, even when they aren’t touched at ALL at times. Fans can see that, and outsiders who aren’t used to it and just tune in to watch the World Cup are baffled. No wonder they say soccer sucks and is a soft sport. I’m not saying it is, but at the same time I understand their premature judgement.

On top of that you have ridiculous calls happening all the time. Even at the biggest tournament the sport has to offer, which is supposed to include the best refs of the world. How are three refs going to call a fair game on such a large field. Seriously. The tiny NBA hardwood has as many refs and they run their asses off, watch game tape every night, and actually have to explain their calls alot of the time. On top of which they have instant replay.

Seriously I really don’t think its a question, especially when you consider something like the World Cup only happens every four years and countries put their all (fans, players, coaches, and capital) into their teams. So much hope on the line. Just think of poor Ireland and the disgraceful French that were let into this years World Cup.