Since the decision everyone’s been all over Lebron, Bosh, and the Heat. Hating and bandwagoning on the hate like little kids. Even the so called professionals of the sport are in on it and I think its the furthest thing from professionalism.

Before I state my case in defense of the Heat and the aforementioned players, I have to say that I do not endorse the way “the decision” was handled. An hour special on national television, and doing it without talking to the Cavs beforehand was completely unprofessional on Lebrons part. It was not fair to his fans nor to the organization, so I understand the Cavs fans and their hate to a certain extent.

The rest of the ball world however has been quite ridiculous, at times quite hypocritical, and often forgetful. Heres a breakdown:

The hypocritical:

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and a couple of the other NBA greats that have gone on record stating their negative views of Lebron, Bosh, and Wade. Now they are not completely hypocritical in the literal sense of the word, but more so in hindsight. What I mean to say is they all had great players with them. Jordan had Pippen, Phil Jackson, and crew, Bird had his cast of Celtics, and many of the others had theirs. Sure they did not plan and execute the craziest free agency in NBA history but they a) did not have that kind of opportunity, and b) they did not have to! Sure Jordan was with the Bulls for a few years before they were champions, but so was Lebron. 7 years to be exact. And who did he have- Mike Brown instead of Phil Jackson, and Mo Williams and Jamison instead of Pippen and Rodman. Point being its not like the man didn’t try. So in hindsight its quite easy to bash Lebron and say Jordan and Bird didn’t do it that way but maybe if they didn’t have such great organizations and such great talent, they would have looked for a way out, especially if they had the opportunity to sign with a friend as great as them. Maybe not, but we never know, and it easy to point fingers and talk smack in hindsight.

The forgetful/bandwagoners:

This group is for mostly everyone else. Firstly the reporters, who just jump on because the topic is hot and perhaps their emotions are swayed in the heat of the moment. Then there are all the other ball fans who love to hate. Also those who dont really know much about basketball but hear things and complain how it “ruins the sport”. And lastly all the Kobe lovers, who couldn’t wait for a chance to jump all over Lebron while hes down. The key here is that they are all forgetful. Interesting how selective memory can be. They all forget that Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce did the same thing a couple of years ago. They forget that the Lakers of a few years ago, even with Kobe and Shaq on the team tried to win by adding Karl Malone, and Gary Payton to an already stacked team. And lastly to all those who point to Kobe (mostly Kobe fans, or Lebron haters) as the most recent of the greats to stick with their team and win like a “real” competitor. They all forget how just a few years ago Kobe was demanding to be traded constantly, and publicly! And then he got Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson once again, Lamar Odom, and a few others. What’s even worse is how easily people jump all over Lebron and Bosh for leaving as FREE AGENTS, and forget that Kobe demanded a trade (id say demanding a trade is worse than leaving as a free agent when it comes to loyalty but maybe thats just me). Not saying either didnt have rights to do so, but if people are comparing one versus the other and bashing Lebron maybe they should revisit recent history.

Lastly Il say that if the espn special was handled better there would have been much less hate. If you think about it, a few friends who have a chance to play together in Miami and potentially create a dynasty together. Why wouldn’t they do it? It is their lives, so its understandable theyd want the best situation possible where they could have the most fun possible. Sure I would have liked to see a bit more balance, like Lebron going to the Knicks or Bulls, but ther’s still plenty of competition. Kobe, KD and the growing OKC, the Celtics, Orlando, Dallas, and probably a few others that will form in the next couple of years. Maybe New York with Melo probably joining Amare next year. And Crhis Paul whoever he joins will instantly create a contender (assuming its one of the teams hes been requesting). So really the NBA hasn’t been ruined at all, its actually gone back to its old roots of dominant teams and dynasties like Celtics vs Lakers. Except now it will be Heat vs Lakers, vs a couple of other teams.

So revisit the history before you start hating. And check this article of what Earl Monroe had to say: