So much to go over, sooo lets get to ittt…. First week of the NBA =

1. Lakers are the shit still, and Kobe continues to amaze. Im neither a hater nor a die hard lover as so many are, but a fan for sure. Still it makes sense to question whether he’ll drop off because of age, injuries… In an interview with Ahmad he answered: “They still don’t get it. No matter what, I always find a way. I always win.” After this first week Lakers look amazing, and once again Kobe proves hes the best.

2. Lets go East with the Green. Holly Rondo! Thats all Il say about him, I despise him this week cuz he’s killing me in fantasy ball. As for the team I knew they wouldn’t surprise. Already they’re making news on and off the court- Theyre playing like the team to beat in the East (IMO), KG is a dumbass for his comments to Charlie V (I WAS a fan), and Shaq continues to show his obsession for cross-dressing (called CB4 Rupaul last year, and now dresses as “Shaquita” and sings Beyonce for halloween?). Im just saying, basketball analogy aside, i think Shaq has something for cross-dressers. And Delonte and Von Wafer fight in practice. I said it before this team is NUTS but they are GOOD.

3. Baron Davis- I hate to say this, but the man seems to be another over-the-hill favorite in the list that includes T-Mac, Stevie Franchise, AI, and others. The worst part of it is that if he was two years younger theyd probably be a playoff team.

4. Chris Bosh- Everyone’s all over his case. Sure thers a reason, but its way too premature. He’s only averaging 13 and 6.5 but it wont last. Reasons why it wont last: A. Theyl need an inside presence in the playoffs and hel provide. B. Wade will most likely get injured again, maybe Lebron (playing pg is tough in the NBA) and theyl need Bosh as they did in the preseason. C. Spolstra and Riley will figure out how to use him, because if they keep running with just Wade and Bron, theyre gonna wear them out.

5. Raptors- Theyre playing alright in my opinion. Their record is worse than last season, but at least theyre trying and it shows. Thers no more granpa Turkoglu, thers no more Bosh and therefore ball movement. And I actually cheer for players like Reggie. On top of that I don’t expect them to win games so when they lose its not as bad. Plus Im looking forward to drafting Perry Jones or Kyrie Irving.

6. Fantasy ball- Pickups:

Elton Bran- 25-12 in the last game, also 4 stls i believe. Hes averaging 35 mins a game with the new coach and will continue to do so. And if he keeps playing like this hel actually become their number one option. Trust. Sure thers a bit of a gamble, but to get a guy like that off of waivers is huge.

Serge Ibaka- Not starting, but averaging more minutes than Krstic. Averaging a near double double, and will get you some serious blocks, and wont take bad shots so the % are good.

Dorell Wright- Gotta give a shoutout to my boy Rish for this one. He picked him up after the first game of the season and the mans been torching it up ever since. Check his stats (20.5ppg, 5.5rpg, and plenty of 3pts made).

Shannon Brown- This one is iffy, but with Phil Jackson trying to limit Kobes minutes, Shannon will see increased minutes. He wont fill up the stat sheet but will give you some threes and steels if those categories are a need.

7. Point guard debate- My rankings: 1. Chris Paul. 2. Deron Williams. 3. Rajon Rondo. 4. Steve Nash. 5. Derrick Rose. 6. Russell Westbrook. 7. Stephen Curry. 8. Tyreke Evans. 9. Jason Kidd. 10. John Wall

Honerable Mentions- Chauncy Billups, Aaron Brooks, Darren Collison, Brandon Jennings. My reasons for these rankings are simple. When healthy, and over time which players are best. Not whose playing the best at the moment, but who is most skilled and who actually performs with that skill at the highest level when healthy. Everyone went crazy on the Deron Williams’s performance in the playoffs last year and put him ahead of Chris Paul. But forgot that Paul’s team went further in the playoffs the year before, and that his stats were even BETTER. I have no problem with people saying that D-will is better, but it is annoying when theyre saying theses things when a guys in injured and they completely forget what he did just a season ago. Thats why I have Nash in the top 5, Steph right in the mix, and Darren Collison in the hon men. Nash’s team sucks but hes still one of the best if with some better talent and motivation, Steph is injured but shouldnt be forgoten, and Collison is playing bad on a new team right now, but showed last year that he can lead a team and put up really good numbers (probably just needs some time).

WHAT A WEEK- ball fan out