Thought Id squeeze in my picks before tonight’s reserve allstar selections:


– Gasol: Should be Yao’s replacement. Hes the only one who can play the C position and actually deserves to be an allstar.

– Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Russel Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Manu Ginobili, Kevin Love. These I would consider locks, while the last is tough to pick. I would go with Monta Ellis. He brings it every year and his team altough a losing one, really isn’t that bad.

– Honourable mentions to Tim Duncan, Lemarcus Aldridge, and Steve Nash.


– Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Al Horford, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer, Raymond Felton, and Josh Smith.

Some thoughts: I found the East harder to pick, even though the West has more talent. Was actually hoping Melo got traded so he could play for the East team. Although I  feel that if a team is one of the best in its conference their players deserve a bit more merit that doesn’t mean the Celtics should have four players. They’re not all deserving of being all-stars. Boozer is the second option on one of the best teams, Joe Johnson is one of the best all-around guards in the league, Felton has been playing like one of the best points in the east and is almost as influential in the Knicks rise as STAT. Jsmoove is one I wouldn’t mind switching but I think if Horford is in he should be too (leads his team defensively, and provides a spark offensively with his athleticism and ability to pass the ball).

Ther’s alot of room for debate here of course. If KG or Aldridge, to name a couple, are Allstars as of tonight I wouldn’t completely disagree. But then again these would be my picks.