For those who still haven’t heard the NBA lottery is complete with the top five picks going to:

1. Cavs    2. TWolves     3. Jazz     4. Cavs     5. Raptors

This year’s class is weak no doubt. The looming potential of a lockout next season scared away much of the 2011 class and what’s left is the most unsure draft class in a while. I say ‘unsure’ because I’m having a hard time predicting where most picks will go (not that I’m an expert.. but still). Although the class is weak overall I think there is potential in a few players- but almost all come with issues/questions. So here are the first few picks and how I think they’ll plan out.

1. Irving – the Cavs need a leader and hes the top talent with probably most potential.

2. Williams – Personally Im a little unsure about how good he is. The NCAA tourney may have catapulted him over his actual value… but maybe not. Either way he’s more of a sure pick than any other prospect in the draft (outside of Irving). This of course assuming David Khan takes the safe pick… :O. He may also take Kanter

3. Walker – Its Utah picking and for this reason I feel theyl take the dynamic, PROVEN scorer who can play both guard spots. They have Jefferson, Milsap, Okur, and now a developing Derrick Favors so I doubt theyl want a big and they have a fairly young and talented Devin Harris at point. While the 2 spot is taken up by an aging Raja Bell or CJ Miles (whos prolly a SF anyway). Knight is a possibility though.

4. Kanter – Cavs picking again so they don’t need another point. With Irving playing the 1 they’ll need a low post scoring presence or more defensive toughness so my back-up would be Jan Vessely at this spot. If Kanter is available it will most likely be him.

5. Knight – This is what I hope at least. Jose is good, but Id think its obvious good isn’t enough and its finally time to address the defense. What better place to start than at the point… of attack. Knight also has a toughness/fearlessness with the game on the line (key for a young leaderless team) and is a smart player.

Others with potential… Jan Vessely (size, athleticism, and tough minded player- to me a mix of Kirilenko’s size, athleticism and skill set, with Nocioni’s hard-nose, in your face attitude), Bismack Biyombo (beast down low, but not sure how refined his offensive game is- see him maybe as a Serge Ibaka…mayyybe), Monteijunas (great skill set and size but questions about heart and love for the game- Bargnani comparison)… Dont know the others too well so Id rather not say.

Comment on what you think will go down… Thanks for reading!