This post is geared more toward Raptors fans, but can apply to all NBA fans.

Picture this…

2010 NBA playoffs underway. The Toronto Raptors finish in the lower half of the playoff bracket and matchup against the Orlando Magic. All Raptors fans already know the excitement that series would bring and the reasons for it. From Turkoglu and Carter, to Bosh and Dwight’s rivalry, to the simple fact that it is the playoffs and every team is extremely hungry.

But the fans are hungry to. They want wins, they want excitement, they want intesity. But most of all they want to cheer.

Raptors fans have been waiting a couple of years to get back into the playoff picture and now they’re pooring in to the stadium. From the GTA to Ottawa, and even other provinces people are showing up, and the ACC is buzzing. Its got an electric feel, people are ready.

But what are they ready for??? In the NBA fans cheer at the occasional dunk, play, boo at the refs once in a while, and are happy when their team comes back. But this is nothing in comparison to the top soccer leagues around the world. Im not speaking literally of hooligans who break and fight, but rather of the thousands and thousands of fans who all show up, all know the routine, and all eagarly and gladly express their emotion and excitement the same way, as if they were organized to do so. They sing and chant the whole game. From chants meant to distract the oposition to singing old rhymes made up and cherished throughout a franchise’s years. They even have chants and songs for specific players. Some rude, some funny, and some just nice. But they have them, and it makes the atmosphere that much crazier and for the most part more enjoyable. AND they do it every game.

It is unrealistic to expect or even think about the possiblity of this happening in the NBA, but how about a chant or two during the playoffs. And im not talking about the occasional “ole, ole” that was stolen from soccer anyway, but full out team chants. Why not? The playoffs are already filled with crazy fans who are willing to cheer and yell, but they don’t have any songs to do this by.

So back to the picture I was painting earlier. Picture it. Its the playoffs. Raptors vs Magic. Vince vs Toronto, Bosh vs Dwight. Hedo vs Orlando. Bosh possibly leaving. SO many opportunities and key storylines upon which chants and excitement could be spread.

The fans poor in. About 20,000 eager, excited, red-shirt wearing Raptor crazies. The game hasen’t even started. The players are warming up, and getting ready, but the fans ARE ready. Its a sea of red, and the chants begin. Loud, in unison, the ACC thundering with singing voices. Creates for an earie environment. Gives me shivers just thinking about it. And I’d picture the players getting shivers also. First time its ever happened in the NBA (I think anyway), and its happening in one of the most international cities in the world.

So I leave you with this thought, and if you’re as eager as I, perhaps post a chant or song. Who knows what becomes of it. After all, it has to start somewhere 🙂